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David Miliband: ‘I want Ed to succeed. I’m sure he feels the same about me’
He leads a humanitarian charity, but the plight of many of those David Miliband is trying to help is inextricably tied up in politics

He looks exactly the same. Navy blue suit, crisp white shirt and reddish tie. Lego-like cropped black hair, with a dash of white at the fringe. But these days, 3,000 miles away from the grand corridors of Whitehall through which he once strode, David Miliband navigates the cramped 12th floor of an office tower in midtown Manhattan.

The former foreign secretary now leads the International Rescue Committee, a humanitarian charity. The IRC primarily swoops into the newest crisis zone within 72 hours to deliver medical care and supplies to refugees, before helping them resettle or rebuild.

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